1. Only schools in India recognized by Central & State Boards of India, can participate.
  2. It is mandatory for the Schools to conduct the competition during school hours in a fair manner (Principal’s certificate is mandatory).
  3. Eligibility: Two categories:
    • Students of classes 5 – 7 (Junior)
    • Students of classes 8 – 10 (Senior)
  4. School can conduct competitions in any one or both the categories. However, a minimum of 30 students must participate in each category in which the school submits its entry.
  5. Use only A3 size art sheet. The work may be executed using pencils, pencil colours, crayons, water colours etc. Use of Collage/Patchwork is not permitted in the paintings at all levels of competition.
  6. Topic :
  7. Time Limit: 2 Hours
  8. School is required to evaluate the entries for each category, and upload best two entries in each category (Junior/Senior), in which the competition has been conducted at the school, on www.pcracompetitions.org For more details, please refer to this portal.
  9. Competition Period: 16.08.2016 to 20.11.2016. Last entry on 20.11.2016 before 1500 Hours.
  10. The topic of painting competition may be displayed prominently, at least a week in advance. Schools can advise students to prepare in advance for the scheduled competition. This shall enable the participants to obtain relevant information from various sources. This exercise is focused on increasing awareness in young minds for the National cause of Conservation of Fuel and Environment protection.

    It is advisable that the documentary on PCRA, which gives a brief on ‘Conservation of Fuel’ is shown to the children before the start of the competition. This is available on our website www.pcra.org

  11. The students whose paintings are adjudged in the best 50 paintings in each category, on All India basis, will be invited to participate in a National Final round at Delhi. PCRA shall bear the expenses of travel, and the best 50 in each category shall be advised on the same.

Important Guidelines

  1. The decision of the Jury/Expert committee will be final and binding in respect of all matters concerning the competition.
  2. The painting entries submitted would be the sole property of PCRA, with rights to use and right to edit for any purpose it considers appropriate.
  3. Children of employees of PCRA are not eligible for the prizes.
  4. Schools should try to hold the competitions as early as possible to avoid last minute rush in submission.
  5. The final results shall be announced in December 2016.The awards will be distributed in the inaugural function of the Oil & Gas Conservation Fortnight 2017, during the 2nd half of January 2017.
  6. The unique experience of the last year’s winners is shared on PCRA website as “Competitions 2016”
  7. The National Winners of previous year's competitions are not eligible for prizes of this competition.

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